Bad Alex Productions

Bad Alex, was originally created in 2015 by founders Ian Barrington and Alex Fisher as an identity to move and work across global communities. 

The studio came to realisation during 2020 as a new vehicle for creative vision in film, writing, sound and research as an independent studio, we are a professional studio, now eager to extend our long arms to work with local businesses and identities through a mix of interviews, documentaries, commercial films, podcasts and post production services. In addition to many more projects set for the future.


The studio itself is designed to work on multiple projects as a flexible multi-zoned collaborative workspace. We believe a productive creative culture comes from a humanist work-focused environment.


SpinDance Nation

The consumer trade exhibition for dance, music and circus arts. London focused on the flow arts, dance and music from across the globe including a live multi-staged dance competition by Rebellious Edge plus a line of guests within music and dance all under one roof.

Partnership with Rebellious Edge, a concept dance organisation born in London UK, Introducing a new date and feature for the international street dancers, flow artists and spinners event diary, launching with an open submission competition in the first of an annual global talent search, set for London, 2016.



Project concept and design, assets, floorplans, media products.


Stage Factory

Commercial interiors, creative office and studio, event and film set design.

logo_sfactory new.png

Art Biker Monthly

Digital Project Director of pseudo-monthly Art news magazine featuring interviews, film, local and international community interest articles.


Diali Contemporary CIC

Founder/ Project Director. Artist run concept contemporary studio community and gallery, committed to meet the career aspirations of artists at all stages of their career, through practical classes, consultancy, training and industry professional development.